Harden Furniture
Craftsmanship is a root value at Harden Furniture.

Since Harden grows, manages and harvests its own timber, the quality of every finished piece begins with the selection of the lumber. Only the finest cherry and maple is used, with each board hand-selected and matched to assure grain and color consistency. Once the boards are chosen, the cutting and carving of individual pieces begins.

Our workers take pride in the craftsmanship of our pieces. Although modern advancements have been incorporated into the furniture production process, most of the work is still dependent on the skill and expertise of Harden's fine craftspeople. The authentic hand-carved details, dovetail joinery, floating panel construction and hand-sanded finish are still accomplished in the same manner as they were nearly a century ago.

Harden's multi-step finishing process is equally attentive to detail, with particular emphasis on the final hand-rubbing and waxing procedures. Harden upholstery maintains these same quality standards, featuring solid maple or manufactured hardwood frames, and ten-way hand-tied springs. Working with various furniture styles, cushion types, upholstery treatments, and more than 1,000 decorative fabrics, leathers and trims, requires talented specialists trained in the art of upholstery. Such professionals are found at Harden

The hangtag, which is proudly displayed on each piece of furniture, bears the signatures of the key craftspeople responsible for each piece. It reflects their pride in the furniture they produce. The Harden "hands-on" attitude follows through to the shipping of the product with our own truck fleet. Consisting of a 12-man team of full-time drivers and over 30 trailers, our fleet travels approximately one million miles every year in the lower forty-eight states and Ontario, Canada.

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